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Walton Hotels Galata


Walton Hotels Galata is a family-run boutique hotel located in the heart of a major attraction bohemian Galata. The building dates back to the early 19th century Ottoman Empire, it was a bustling home for tradesmen and trade owners from Karaköy. The building belonged to our great grandfather Damgacıoğlu Ahıskalı Mehmet Tahir Efendi, who was a prominent delegate in the Erzurum Congress of 1919 which consisted of Turkish Revolutionaries that shaped Turkey’s modern national identity. As the building has passed down to us, we took it as our home, nurtured, and transformed it into today’s Walton Hotels Galata.

Let go in the bustling streets of Galata, get enchanted and mesmerized by its magic, Walton Hotels Galata is your gateway to Istanbul. It is the ideal location to explore this ancient city. Step out from our cozy hotel into the streets and bazaars of Istanbul. Walk the winding streets of Sultanahmet, explore the Grand Bazaar, taking in a whisk of sights and aromas knowing that a warm welcome and impeccable services await you upon your second home in Istanbul.

We constantly strive to offer impeccable experiences and services, it is our goal since we initiated the journey into hospitality. Our endeavor is to build and manage a hotel where our guests feel at home, a place of comfort and leisure, and a place of unforgettable memories. We wish you would enjoy your stay as our guest as much as we will enjoy your stay with us.

Damgacıoğlu Ahıskalı Mehmet Tahir Efendi


He was an active member from Erzurum. There are no certain information regarding his birth and death dates. He was a member of Vilayut-i Şarkıyye-i Müdafaa-i Hukuk Cemiyeti Erzurum Branch before the Congress, during and after the Congress, he was assigned as Murakıp at 5th district of Erzurum. In the records of cemiyet he goes by Dervişağa esnafından Bezzaz (Manifaturacı) Mehmet Tahir Efendi. There are records that indicate he attended Erzurum Congress as a delegate of Çaycuma on behalf of the delegates of Trabzon who did not attend the Congress.